Hi, I am Christine Jenkins, coach, healer,transformational guide at Coming Home to Myself.

I live in the West of Ireland where I have been for the last 25 years, having moved here from England in 1991. In former years I have been a teacher in both mainstream schools and specialised settings, a juvenile justice worker, a social worker and a homeopath.

For the last 10 years I have been coaching, bringing together all the things I love and have gathered about helping people find more freedom, joy and inner peace in their lives. I have trained in several coaching schools and methods over the years, and have many tools to call on as needed. As I have developed my own inner guidance more and more, I have developed a way of working with people that is intuitive and follows what you are bringing to the conversation and where you are wanting to go. I have no agenda, other than what you bring and are wanting for yourself.

My basic method of coaching is more of being a guide – knowing that you have all the answers already, and that together, we can clear the things that are blocking you from seeing what is shining brightly in you.

My coach uses a great phrase “the rising tide lifts all boats” – and that has certainly been true for me. Whatever area I focus on in my own coaching – there is an improvement in all areas of my life. As I find more freedom, joy and peace in my relationship with money for instance, my personal relationships feel lighter and more joyful.

I am not aiming for a state of Nirvana for myself or for you. We are here to have a physical experience, and that will bring contrast – things we like, and things we don’t like so much – that is what brings the richness and the spice to our lives. It is how to relate to that contrast,which affects how we experience our lives.

I love walking in nature, and in small cities, exploring the natural and man made beauties of them. I love singing – alone and with others. At 60, I took up art after years of thinking I couldn’t, and am loving exploring what I create.

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I look forward to getting to know you more, and connecting with you in other ways.

May I introduce you to Izzy (RIP), Bluebell and Ruby.